“Independence Day Offer” from Us

LetterWe sent an open letter to few web communities out there. On Indian Independence Day, we wanted to make an offer to the community and promise safer roads with the help of the citizens. Our open letter transcript follows:
A Very Happy Independence Day to you!
You may be enjoying a much needed relaxing weekend on this day or availing the “Independence Day Offer” discounts in the markets.
We are happy to provide a very valuable “Independence Day Offer” to you. In this offer, we are promising you safe roads. Yes, the same roads you drive on every day but safer than before. And we are not asking for any money (though if you want to donate some that would be great).
All we are asking from you is that you take a minute to report any traffic violations you see on the road. We are trying to provide “extra” eyes and hands to a society that is so much in need of self discipline. These eyes and hands are yours. To quote Mahatama Gandhi on this occasion – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
On 8 June 2010, ToI reported that India is the world’s Road Death capital with 1,18,000 fatalities in 2008. Your participation in reporting traffic violations from your cities would awaken the administration and truly be indicative of participative democracy. With that we hope to bring down this dubious distinction from the country.
To get started reporting traffic violations, please register yourself and your vehicle at: http://www.trafficviolators.com . You can report violations on the website or via the mobile site at: http://m.traffiviolators.com . You can associate any pictures of the violation with the violation.
You can follow the latest trafficviolations entered at the website by following us on Twitter: @trafficviolator or on facebook at: http://facebook.com/trafficviolators
For any further details or any help you want to offer, please write to info@trafficviolators.com
On our 64th Independence Day, let’s take one responsibility for the nation we all love. Let’s make our roads safer.
Jai Hind


TrafficViolators Mobile Website Launched

Mobile Website - TrafficViolatorsWe are happy to announce that TrafficViolators now has a mobile website. This mobile website is accessible on all GPRS enabled mobile handsets. So, if you have the capability to access internet sites on your mobile phone, you will be able to access TrafficViolators Mobile site as well at: http://m.trafficviolators.com

As of now, we have enabled submission of the violation report. A quick snapshot of how the site looks on the phone is to the left.

Before you can submit the violation report on the website, you will need to be registered with trafficviolators.com website. This has been done to discourage anonymous postings on the site. The registration on TrafficViolators.com is FREE and takes just 1-2 minutes and requires minimum details.

To register a violation report, simply enter the registration number of the vehicle and optionally enter the city and violation type (though we encourage that). Lastly, enter your username and mobile no. registered at trafficviolators.com. On matching the user details, we will upload your report.

You can continue to add photos and other details (e.g. comments, type of vehicle) at the website by visiting the Shame Board and adding additional details to the report you submitted.

We hope that with mobile website now you can submit violations you observe from the road itself when the memory is still fresh!

Please do let us know what would you like to see additonally enabled the for mobile website of trafficviolators.

TrafficViolators is Upgrading

upgrade Traffic Violators is under going an upgrade!

We heard your feedback and have been consistently working to incorporate the same. At the same time, technology has also been moving with a tremendous pace.

The upgraded site will have some new technology and will incorporate all the features you suggested.

During the upgrade you will not be able to enter any new violations. However, the site will continue to  be available and we will not be loosing any data (including your registration).

If all goes well during the upgrade, we will be back on June 23rd 2008. Till then – Safe Driving!

Why we don’t allow anonymous postings

It has been suggested that that we should allow anonymous posting of traffic violations at trafficviolators.com. The reasons have broadly fallen in 2 categories:

  1. Ease of use: Having people submit the violations anonymously is quicker as one doesn’t need to spend time logging in at the site.
  2. Safety of the submitter: People who have been reported may hit back with retribution if they know who has submitted their vehicle no.

anonymous Both of these are legitimate concerns and we sat down to seriously think about them. Not only did we think amongst ourselves but also called up a few people on the same. The result of this discussion was that we have decided to NOT allow anonymous postings. The main reason is to avoid any useless submissions made by spammers. We are also aware of the suggestions made earlier and here is how we support them:

  1. We have a simple one step registration that let’s a user just enter the username and password to join the site. this is the quickest way to register. A person does need to login from time to time at the portal and we have a “Remember Login” checkbox to avoid multiple login prompts in short durations of usage.
  2. We never highlight the real name or username of the user who submitted the violation report. Hence there is no fear of retribution and the cloak of anonymity is always available. In addition, only due to username being used we are able to support you editing your previous submissions and adding more information to your traffic violations report.

Hence we will continue to only have non-anonymous traffic violations at the site.

We thank you for taking your time to improve and better the road safety.

Revamping TrafficViolators

The traffic on the road is only getting worse. And we have been inactive!!

Would start by truly apologising for the inactivity. But we don’t intend to anymore. We are planning a revamp now. Nothing will get affected for the users and they can continue to use the site without a glitch!

Some data on the site usage for May 2008:

  1. We had 84 visitors who contributed to the 609 page views and almost all are new visitors to the site.
  2. 77% use IE and 20% use Firefox with 40% using 1024×768 screen resolution.
  3. Around 30% traffic is direct while 53% comes via search engines. The keywords being used have been “traffic violators”, “traffic violations”, “report traffic violations” etc. Maximum traffic to the site has been sent via facebook.

Now about some of the features we are thinking of implementing:

  1. Anonymous reporting of violations (still to be debated)
  2. Information on what happens to your reports when you submit them
  3. Provision for the owner to come back and say sorry
  4. Provision to handle commercial vehicles/ cabs
  5. Richer API set so that widgets can be built
  6. Reach out to the local news channels and get them to talk about the site
  7. Offences to be reported in some form of a visual graph?
  8. Press and Testimonials page
  9. Improve Page formatting
  10. Reactivate the SMS feature

All the above features are taken from feedback observed on the web. I especially thank Deepak Vasudevan and Shiv for their comments about the site.

Please feel free to comment here if you have any other feedback. We are eager to get them in practice and make this a more useful site.

TrafficViolators coming to Facebook!

facebook is a social networking application. i have seen a lot of people both in India and abroad on this network!

to reach out to these networks, trafficviolators.com will be creating a facebook application! included in the application will be the ability to:

  1. enter the violations report from facebook itself
  2. should display the latest violations from the trafficviolators.com
  3. should add a message on friends walls if a user enters a traffic violation

the application is being created in .NET 2.0 and will be using FacebookNET client library!

with creation of the application, this citizenship effort will find it easy to travel in the online world from one person to the next. please be on a lookout for this application!

if you have an suggestion, please feel free to share your feedback with us at info@trafficviolators.com

trafficviolators is BACK!

the recent spate in the blue line deaths and the consequent media attention gave us another reason to focus on reviving the site that had mistakenly got deleted.

so after significant time with it, we have revived the site! the new site has all the features of the old and should be more reliable and faster (given our new infrastructure)! the look and feel of the site was highly commented on and has been redone to make it look more appealing.

an additional feature we have introduced is the ability to get a @trafficviolators.com email  to anyone who wants the same.

Please contribute by taking a quick look at the site and sharing your feedback with us at info@trafficviolators.com..