Why we don’t allow anonymous postings

It has been suggested that that we should allow anonymous posting of traffic violations at trafficviolators.com. The reasons have broadly fallen in 2 categories:

  1. Ease of use: Having people submit the violations anonymously is quicker as one doesn’t need to spend time logging in at the site.
  2. Safety of the submitter: People who have been reported may hit back with retribution if they know who has submitted their vehicle no.

anonymous Both of these are legitimate concerns and we sat down to seriously think about them. Not only did we think amongst ourselves but also called up a few people on the same. The result of this discussion was that we have decided to NOT allow anonymous postings. The main reason is to avoid any useless submissions made by spammers. We are also aware of the suggestions made earlier and here is how we support them:

  1. We have a simple one step registration that let’s a user just enter the username and password to join the site. this is the quickest way to register. A person does need to login from time to time at the portal and we have a “Remember Login” checkbox to avoid multiple login prompts in short durations of usage.
  2. We never highlight the real name or username of the user who submitted the violation report. Hence there is no fear of retribution and the cloak of anonymity is always available. In addition, only due to username being used we are able to support you editing your previous submissions and adding more information to your traffic violations report.

Hence we will continue to only have non-anonymous traffic violations at the site.

We thank you for taking your time to improve and better the road safety.


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