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“Independence Day Offer” from Us

LetterWe sent an open letter to few web communities out there. On Indian Independence Day, we wanted to make an offer to the community and promise safer roads with the help of the citizens. Our open letter transcript follows:
A Very Happy Independence Day to you!
You may be enjoying a much needed relaxing weekend on this day or availing the “Independence Day Offer” discounts in the markets.
We are happy to provide a very valuable “Independence Day Offer” to you. In this offer, we are promising you safe roads. Yes, the same roads you drive on every day but safer than before. And we are not asking for any money (though if you want to donate some that would be great).
All we are asking from you is that you take a minute to report any traffic violations you see on the road. We are trying to provide “extra” eyes and hands to a society that is so much in need of self discipline. These eyes and hands are yours. To quote Mahatama Gandhi on this occasion – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
On 8 June 2010, ToI reported that India is the world’s Road Death capital with 1,18,000 fatalities in 2008. Your participation in reporting traffic violations from your cities would awaken the administration and truly be indicative of participative democracy. With that we hope to bring down this dubious distinction from the country.
To get started reporting traffic violations, please register yourself and your vehicle at: . You can report violations on the website or via the mobile site at: . You can associate any pictures of the violation with the violation.
You can follow the latest trafficviolations entered at the website by following us on Twitter: @trafficviolator or on facebook at:
For any further details or any help you want to offer, please write to
On our 64th Independence Day, let’s take one responsibility for the nation we all love. Let’s make our roads safer.
Jai Hind