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TrafficViolators Mobile Website Launched

Mobile Website - TrafficViolatorsWe are happy to announce that TrafficViolators now has a mobile website. This mobile website is accessible on all GPRS enabled mobile handsets. So, if you have the capability to access internet sites on your mobile phone, you will be able to access TrafficViolators Mobile site as well at: http://m.trafficviolators.com

As of now, we have enabled submission of the violation report. A quick snapshot of how the site looks on the phone is to the left.

Before you can submit the violation report on the website, you will need to be registered with trafficviolators.com website. This has been done to discourage anonymous postings on the site. The registration on TrafficViolators.com is FREE and takes just 1-2 minutes and requires minimum details.

To register a violation report, simply enter the registration number of the vehicle and optionally enter the city and violation type (though we encourage that). Lastly, enter your username and mobile no. registered at trafficviolators.com. On matching the user details, we will upload your report.

You can continue to add photos and other details (e.g. comments, type of vehicle) at the website by visiting the Shame Board and adding additional details to the report you submitted.

We hope that with mobile website now you can submit violations you observe from the road itself when the memory is still fresh!

Please do let us know what would you like to see additonally enabled theĀ for mobile website of trafficviolators.