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TrafficViolators coming to Facebook!

facebook is a social networking application. i have seen a lot of people both in India and abroad on this network!

to reach out to these networks, will be creating a facebook application! included in the application will be the ability to:

  1. enter the violations report from facebook itself
  2. should display the latest violations from the
  3. should add a message on friends walls if a user enters a traffic violation

the application is being created in .NET 2.0 and will be using FacebookNET client library!

with creation of the application, this citizenship effort will find it easy to travel in the online world from one person to the next. please be on a lookout for this application!

if you have an suggestion, please feel free to share your feedback with us at


trafficviolators is BACK!

the recent spate in the blue line deaths and the consequent media attention gave us another reason to focus on reviving the site that had mistakenly got deleted.

so after significant time with it, we have revived the site! the new site has all the features of the old and should be more reliable and faster (given our new infrastructure)! the look and feel of the site was highly commented on and has been redone to make it look more appealing.

an additional feature we have introduced is the ability to get a email  to anyone who wants the same.

Please contribute by taking a quick look at the site and sharing your feedback with us at