Trafficviolators hits a ROADBLOCK

our site has experienced an unplanned downtime! we were cruising fine on the highway when we hit a roadblock..

we have broken arms and a punctured heart! are we going to live.. oh hell, we are..

the scenario is that we were upgrading the site to fix some bugs and by mistake overwrote the database with an older database. We lost all the users, all the data and all the violations reported – lucky violators!

our team has worked very hard to restore the site to normalcy but we have lost all data. the site is back up and working fine though!

if you had registered with us earlier, we request you to register again and if you have never been to our site before do visit us and register there.


Starting this blog!

we are starting with this blog to share our learnings as we about building this community. there will be some technical discussions and some general discussions. All of it to simply share what we learn from day to day!

and we may surprise you with an announcement or two ­čÖé

safe motoring and catch the trafficviolators!